Detroit Alleycat: Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow

In case you missed it, the April Detroit Alleycat was a great time as these photos show.

The theme was “drug wars”, so basically you got a brown bag at the start containing “medications” and directions. You had to ride to the different locations, deliver the medications, and get paid. You had to be at the bar by 6pm. Whoever got there first with the most money won.

The key to doing well is knowing your streets and choosing an optimal order and route between all the stops. Fortunately Skeez and I know the area pretty well. Our team made all the sales. There were around 50 teams (over 115 riders) and we finished 7th or 8th.

The after party was at TV’s on Grand River at 4th. They had $2 beers and grilled cheap food for us on their outdoor patio. The decor was very, very mod and cool.

The next alleycat, called The Gay Velocipede and the Darling Buds of May is scheduled for May 7th, 8PM at Hart Plaza.

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