Next Detroit Alley Cat is April 20th

Detroit Alley Cat from their myspace pageWhat the heck is an alley cat? It’s a fun, low stress, high fun urban biking challenge. It’s not something for the lycra-clad racer boy crowd. It’s a sure fire way to embrace or rediscover the simple fun of riding a bike.

The last one I did started with cans of Red Bull and ended with cans of PBR. They was a whole lot of fun and mischief in the middle.

Here’s an announcement for the next Detroit alley cat:

On April 20th (4/20) at 4:20pm! This will be on a Sunday. Friends are doing this one and this is the info I have so far. This is going to be a fun race and not so much a crazy fast one! Teams of 4 so tell your friends and get your bikes ready! And yes this is the drug wars 4/20 race and frome what I know this is going to be sooper fun and a bit funny!

Normally they start at Hart Plaza. You can watch their myspace page for additional updates.


  1. Comment by UDBC on April 18, 2008 1:26 pm

    Sign in for the next alley cat race starts at 3:30. Be there on time!!

    This race is going to be run by us, the Unreal Detroit Bike Crew with some help from Alley Cat Detroit.

    It is an Alley Cat race, but not an “official” alley cat Detroit race. An “official” alley cat is kind of an oxy moron.

    It’s an unsanctioned, fun, race where you need knowledge of the city, a sense of adventure, and a bike to have fun.

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