Personal Records

  • Longest ride: 318 miles across Iowa on mostly gravel roads riding a singlespeed Kona 26″ Unit mountain bike with a 38×16 gear. Total time was just under 25 hours
  • Longest road ride: 183 miles from Royal Oak to Holland on a road/time trial bike. Total time was about 11 hours with an average speed of 19.2 MPH — Thank you tailwind from the east!
  • Longest mountain bike ride: 186 miles and 19,000 feet of climbing at the 2004 24 Hours of Boyne race on a Kona singlespeed 26″ Unit with a 34×17 gear
  • Longest Run: 100 miles at the Leadville Trail 100 races in 2002 (24.5 hours) and 2007 (28.5 hours)
  • Longest Swim: 10,000 yards non-stop (5.7 miles) sometime in the late seventies at the Kimball High School pool. I think this took us less than 2.5 hours. Mark Posler set the pace and he lapped me once or twice.
  • Longest Race: 350 miles at the Iditasport Extreme in 2001 (over 6 days)
  • Coldest Race: About -15F (actual) at the Iditasport Extreme in 2001.

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