No luck in the 2015 Western States 100 lottery

western-states-2014-lotteryIt’s not surprising that my name didn’t get pulled in the entry lottery for next summer’s Western States 100 mile run in California. It’s one of the toughest races to get into.

At yesterday’s lottery, 2,566 runners applied for 270 entry slots. Among the first-time entrants, less than 5% entrants got selected. Next year, those that didn’t get in can reapply and get chances in the lottery. The chances grow exponentially so the most patient should eventually get chosen, though yesterday six 6-time entrants didn’t.

It’s not that easy to reapply each year. You must qualify to enter the lottery. This means finishing a 100-mile race, or in some cases, finishing a 100K race before a set time deadline.

If I finish the Leadville run again next summer, I’ll reapply for Western States in 2016.

At least that’s the plan for now.

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