PatagoniaPatagonia has been extremely kind to me. They are genuinely interested in collecting product feedback and improving their line of clothing. Their clothing works, lasts, and makes me look snazzy. (Well, at least I look better than I used to.) Some of my all-time Patagonia favorites are the Long Haul running shorts, R1 tops, Cool Weather tights, and knickers.

Kona bikesKona Bicycles has also helped me with the cycling end of things. It’s funny that I happened to meet Dale, Kona’s Michigan Sales Rep during the first few miles of the 1998 Iditasport 100 race. Dale’s originally from our mitten state, so we struck up a conversation at the awards banquet and the rest is history. I race their Hei Hei titanium mountain bike. My townie bike, which also got 2nd place in the ’01 Iditasport race, is a MuniMula — aluminum spelled backwards. And, if you see some goofball riding around Detroit on a rigid bike 29’r in crappy weather, wave at me, would ya?

Another long-time supporter is Armadillo Print Wear in Berkley, Michigan. They’ve helped with clothing and screening and more. I think my first order from them was for Team Monkey Butt t-shirts for 0ur 24 Hours of Canaan Team in ’94 or thereabouts. Armadillo is located on Twelve Mile between Coolidge and Greenfield, across the street from the old Berkley Theater.

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