Windsor Winter Ride Challenge Series

img_2021The Winter Ride Challenge Series has gone international.

Last Sunday I did the Windsor version.  The points scoring is similar except that they measure their temperatures in celsuis like the rest of the world.  

I rode my singlespeed winter bike but I’d brought a knife to gun fight.  Most everyone was on geared cyclocross bikes.   I had no problem hanging with the group at 18 MPH, but then the attacks started.  The pace was pushed to over 21 MPH and I didn’t have the gearing for that.

So, I dropped off the back and made my own ride by heading north to the river and admiring all the work Windsor has done to make biking easier and safer with bike lanes, trails, signage and more.

For those thinking about heading over for the ride, you will have to pay some tolls at the bridge ($4) or tunnel ($3.75).   Make sure you bring your identification as well.

The City of Windsor does have a bike map on their web site.  It’s difficult to print and use, so you want to pick up a copy at a Windsor bike shop instead.

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