Vigil at Old Tiger Stadium

img_2675I won’t harp on about the preservation of Tiger Stadium and the abrupt plans to demo it all. Others have done a fine job of that already.

And it was picked up in the national news.

But I have made my donation to the Old Tiger Stadium Consevancy.

And last night I biked to a last-minute vigil for her near the corner of Michigan and Trumbull with about 50 others and a good number familiar faces. There was just a lot of frustration and a couple conspiracy theories. Why this and why now?

After a while, the crowd dispersed with many heading to nearby Nancy Whiskey. I pedaled home. It was a great night to ride, but the temperature was dropping through the 40s.

That didn’t keep the ladies off Woodward just north of McNichols, one of whom yelled, “Ride that bike!” Sure thing.

Not much further away, I stopped at Dutch Girl Donuts for a snack. I ordered just one and entered into a discussion on donuts at the small counter. Some round donuts came up fresh and they gave me a couple freebies.  Yes, these are the best donuts in town and they’re open 24/6.  Yeah, they’re closed on Sundays.

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