My Forty Four in Detroit

img_2290Yesterday I pulled on some green and biked downtown to soak up the Final Four buzz.

As usual, it was great seeing so many people milling around the city. But, surprisingly there was no line for crepes at Good Girls go to Paris so I ordered a veggie-Vera.

Next, I continued riding through the crowds and cars, checked out the Dequindre Cut, and Tri-Centennial State Park construction before stopping at the Wheelhouse.

The RiverWalk in front of GM’s Ren Cen was jammed with State fans for a big pep rally. They didn’t need much pepping.

I wrapped up my ride by heading over the Mexicantown and buying some baked goods from La Gloria. When I got home I’d ridden 44 miles, which seemed like an interesting coincidence.

I did take some photos from my ride, but there aren’t nearly as exciting as those take by the pro’s like Bryan Mitchell and MetroMode.

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