Michael Jackson fans gather at the Motown Museum

Michael Jackson fans mourn his death at the Motown Museum in DetroitOne of the truly great things about biking in Detroit, is it’s not the same ol’route. There’s always something special to see, whether it’s an event, a historic happening, or what not.

With the very sad news of Michael Jackson’s death, I hoped on the bike and headed south to the Motown Museum. At the museum was a crowd of fans filling the lawn and with cars crowding Grand Boulevard.

The museum had photos of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 in the storefront windows which people were lined up and waiting to see.

Beneath the window was a collection of stuff toys, flowers, and personal cards.

I rode back past the Museum the next day, a Saturday, and the crowd was even larger.

My photos from the Motown Museum are on-line.

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