“Traffic Race” Alley Cat is this Saturday

Detroit AlleycatThere’s another Alleycat in Downtown Detroit this weekend. Here’s the scoop from their press release:

“From the team that brought you the Drug Wars race, comes the Traffic race.

This is perhaps the closest we can come to a rush hour NYC alley cat race. There will be a Tigers game, a Wings Game, and the Electronic Music Festival going on.

It’s going to be a little tough due to crazy amounts of traffic and people. You must understand that this is an unsanctioned event and YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF. This race will be EXTREMELY dangerous.

Here are the details.

We will meet at Campus Martius at 5:45.

After a quick check in, we will try to start the race at 6.

The race will run like this. You begin at Campus Martius and have a total of 6 to 8 locations to go. You must go to a location and retrieve a “clue” (e.g. “how much much does a California roll cost at Fishbone’s”). After you get the “clue” you must return the information back to Campus Martius. To make sure no one gets all the clues at once and returns them all at once, you will be limited to ONLY ONE “clue” drop off each time at Campus Martius.

So basically, you go Campus Martius, to a location, back to Campus Martius, next location, back to Campus Martius, etc…

I am only making 40-50 spoke cards due to the last minute factor. So if you want a spoke card, get there on time. Final locations will be given out either tonight or tomorrow. This will make it so that the planers (Unreal Detroit Crew) can race too.

Come to ride in the ‘dead’ of traffic.

Don’t come to be seen/scene.
This race will not be too cool if you get hit by a car! Be sure to check later for final locations!

See you Saturday at 5:45!•••

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