Theatre Bizarre

On the morning of October 27th, 1953, in a home within the grounds of an abandoned amusement park, a gruesome discovery was made.  The bodies of 47 victims lay desecrated in varying stages of decay…

Edgar Joseph Torrent… spent years in seclusion toiling away at his macabre obsession.  Edgar was able to evade capture by fleeing through the maze of maintenance tunnels connecting to the carnival’s funhouse.

He was never found.

And that is the backstory behind Theatre Bizarre, hidden along the south edge of America’s oldest state fair.

To get into the party, costumed guests must walk through Edgar’s home and workshop before existing through the same tunnels that aided his escape.  The Theatre Bizarre scenery defies description.  It’s scary retro with incredible detail.  It’s obvious that many put a significant effort into making this one of the most unique events one could ever attend.

Here’s our documentation: 2008 Theatre Bizarre photos

For more fun, turn out the lights and watch this…

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