Rodriguez: Live in Detroit

Rodrigues plays upstairs at the Park Bar in Detroit

Rodriguez plays upstairs at the Park Bar

If you haven’t read the article, watched the video, or heard the story on NPR about Rodriguez, you should.  It’s pretty mind blowing that a Detroit musician can record an album, think they struck out, hang out in relative anonymity within the Cass Corridor, and learn decades later that they are a huge hit in places like South Africa and Australia.

With all this recent media attention, the Park Bar booked Rodriguez for a one-night show upstairs.

Simply put, it was amazing.

Rodriguez sounded great but seemed perhaps a bit hesitant at first.  But he warmed up as the hometown crowd continued to applaud his every song.  He started filling the gaps between songs with smiles and assorted quips.

While I did take photos, I was certainly limited by my camera and perhaps more so, my skill level.  Yes, they’re grainy and often blurred but the alternative was worse as my digital camera flash washed all the colors away.

So if you’re not a Rodriguez fan yet, you should pick up a copy of his Cold Fact album.  There’s a pretty good chance you’ll become a fan just as I have.

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