Riding the Copper Triangle Route

Jeff and Peter climb towards Vail Pass

Peter and Jeff climb towards Vail Pass

I’m getting caught up on posting photos from this summer.  Here’s a series of photos from a ride a few of us did in Colorado.

Jeff, Peter, and I started in Frisco.  We headed out on the bike path towards Copper Mountain then up Vail Pass to the peak at the I-70 rest stop.  This really is a gentle mountain pass, at least in this direction.  It didn’t look like much fun for those riding from Vail.

At the peak, Jeff turned back while Peter and I coasted into Vail and then Minturn.

There were a couple tough road climbs between Minturn and Leadville, one of which was the Tennesee Pass.  It rain on us briefly, but we soldiered on to Leadville.

We briefly loaded up on water before heading back to Copper.  Going up and over Fremont Pass was a major pain.  The wind and occasional rain didn’t make it anymore pleasant.  But, once at the top it was basically a long coast into Copper and Frisco.

In the end we’d ridden 95 miles and climbed three Colorado mountain passes.  Not bad.

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