“I hope I don’t regret this”

img_1787That’s the last thing  I said as I removed my Nokian Extreme front tire from my winter bike.  The Nokian has 294 steel carbide studs and hooks up on ice like nothing else.  But, on dry pavement, it’s a noisy drag.

The road conditions were pretty decent, so I switched to a non-studded tire.

Six tenths of a mile later I was layed out on the ground.    I hadn’t been looking ahead and found myself going fast on a 100 foot stretch of smooth ice.  The crash was inevitable.

The bike was fine.  I ended up with a crab nebula bruise.

A lifetime of cycling and still learning…

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  1. Comment by Steve Kinley on January 9, 2009 9:11 am

    I’ve had a few crashes this year when riding without sutdded tires. The ones on the knees seem to hurt for a long time. The back roads up here have had ice on them since the beginning of December I think.

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