I Met Isaac Hayes

Isaac HayesIt was a cold, snowy, windy winter day. I was training hard for the Iditasport 350 so it was perfect riding weather. The radio station announced Isaac Hayes was in town for a book signing at a northwest Detroit book store right along my training route. What luck!

Everyone knows he wrote and performed the Theme From “Shaft”, but he also wrote some great tunes for Sam & Dave (e.g. Soul Man) and recorded some of the best make out music ever, including the classic Hot Buttered Soul album. More recently he’d been the voice for the Chef character on South Park and was now promoting his new Cooking with Heart and Soul cookbook. So I rode the fifteen or so miles to the famous Apple Book Center along Outer Drive. I brought a compact disc for him to sign and bought a cookbook as well.

Mr. Hayes has not lost his popularity for the autograph line wrapped completely around the store. This line was mainly made up of moms who split their attention between keeping tabs on their bored kids and conversing with others in line.

I was doing my best to act normal as I stood there in my winter bike gear and helmet. I was definitely hitting the upper reaches of the dork scale.

When I finally got to Mr. Hayes, he dutifully signed my items, looked at me and said in that unmistakable “Shaft” voice, “Did you ride your bike here?” To my acknowledgement he replied, “You are one brave individual.” So cool.

Jumping back on the bike, the wind was at my back and I was making good time through the City. Being a dork isn’t always so bad.

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