1999 International Ice II

International Ice Race at the startThe International Ice II Race is from Drummond Island (U.S.) to St. Joseph Island (Canada) and back for a total of 22 miles. The trail follows the ice bridge which marks the main snowmobile route between these two islands which are at the very east tip of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

It was a balmy 5 degrees Fahrenheit at the start.

International Ice race startsI was ready to go having come back from a very disappointing race in Alaska. And, the race really went well as I never crashed on the smooth ice and made a big effort to ride through the punchy snow at the half-way mark.

International Ice awardsI think this was the first big race I’d ever won! Yeah, money!

First two photos by Deanna Harrison. Yeah, Dan did the race too! I do believe that 1999 was the only year the race actually followed the intended course. In the inaugural race and in the races that followed, bad weather or bad ice cause the race course to be re-routed.

The race was promoted by Steve “Iceman” Brown wearing the blue fleece on the right.

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