Milford Trail Challenge

Alex Dolpp rides on the Milford Trail in Milford, MichiganThis Saturday is the Milford Trail Challenge. It’s a self-supported mountain bike ride where you choose how far you want to ride. It’s only $20 and is a benefit ride for local charities.

And the Village of Milford is simply a great place to start and end your ride. The downtown has its share of coffee shops and pubs. The relatively new Milford Trail is just around the corner. Proud Lake isn’t far either. The epic trails at Highland Rec. are just up the road. And, one can use the paved bike paths to access Hickory Glen and Island Lake (via Kensington.)

If you add it up, Milford is the center of some great mountain biking trails (not to mention hiking, horse, cross-country skiing, and water trails.) The Milford Challenge is a great way to introduce yourself to what’s available and ride with friends.

My 12 Most Memorable Rides of 2007

I don’t recall ever having so many memorable rides in one year. Maybe I’ve been too caught up in training rather than just riding. Maybe I just haven’t been as adventurous riding around town. Maybe it’s because I’m older.

No matter what the reason, I had a wealth of memorable rides last year. Rides that have stuck with me, changed me. Rides that give me a little flush of adrenalin just replaying them in my head. Rides that make me feel fortunate. (more…) Powered by WordPress |  Hosted by Luckyfish Software |  Privacy Policy