Cinco de Mayo in Detroit

img_2562Saturday and Sunday was the celebration weekend for Cinco de Mayo in Southwest Detroit. If you’ve not visited during this celebration, you’re truly missing out on a great time.

My Sunday began with a group ride starting at the Wheelhouse Detroit under some stunningly beautiful blue skies.  Venerable Detroit ride leader Tom Page led the group down the RiverWalk and into Corktown.

Our first stop was at the newest French restaurant, Le Petit Zinc. As Tom noted in a email, it’s a bit ironic that we stopped there given that Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico’s defeat of France.

We wound our way through to Mexicantown, ending up at Clark Park, home to the big festival.

My better half met me for starter food at Taqueria Lupitas, our favorite restaurant in Mexicantown. We then walked through Hubbard Farms, admired the very cool old homes, and over to Clark Park — where we ate more food, listened to the Detroit Youth Symphony, debated seeing the Revolucha wrestling, and otherwise just milled about.

What a great benefit it is living so close (and being able to bike) to such a vibrant Mexican-American community – and no swine flu!

Photos: Cinco de Mayo Celebration in Southwest Detroit

Biking through Detroit’s Cinco de Mayo

Mexicantown is always fun to ride through. It’s a dense and diverse community with plenty to see and do. And it has my major bike ride requirement: good locally-owned bakeries.

But this area is even more fun to ride through during Cinco de Mayo. The Mexican pride seems to overflow into Hispanic pride and it’s all good cause for celebration.

Vernor, the main drag, gets clogged with slow moving cars. It’s more like riding a bike through a parking lot than the heart of the main business strip. There is a bit of drinking going on so it’s probably best ending ones ride before sunset.

Also, yesterday saw lines at all the restaurants. Apparently the I-75 re-construction isn’t hurting business too badly, at least for Cinco de Mayo. Powered by WordPress |  Hosted by Luckyfish Software |  Privacy Policy
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