Mark “the Bird” Fidrych Vigil

More sad news in Detroit.

One of the most unforgetable of all the Detroit Tigers, Fidrych passed away yesterday at 54. 

I belong to the Save Tiger Stadium group on Facebook. Just after the sun went down, I received a group message about a candlelight vigil for Mark Fidrych on the corner of Michigan and Trumbull.

The radar wasn’t showing any imminent rain, so I hopped on the bike and rode to the old stadium.

The stadium is just 15 miles from my home in Royal Oak, so I was there in less than an hour.

No one was at the corner.

I biked down to Nemo’s and peeked in.  There was Josh, owner of the Urban Bean working on a pint. He hadn’t seen any vigil-goers.

Back outside, I rode to the west end of the stadium. A Channel 7 News truck was there, so I stopped to ask. 7 Action News reporter Cheryl Chodun didn’t see any vigil and she’s “ready for breaking news everyday.”

Chodun was just waiting for the start of the 11 O’clock news when she filed her report (see video).

After biking back home, I found out I was just a little too early for the vigil. No biggie. It was a nice dry night for a bike ride inspired by the Bird.  RIP.

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